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Mary Miss

MARY MISS, an artist known for her environmentally based artwork, lives in New York. For more than four decades Mary Miss’s work has examined the intersection of sculpture, architecture, environmental engineering, and installation art in projects and proposals ranging from riverfront walkways to infrastructure sites. Permanent installations include Framing Union Square at the Union Square Subway Station in New York City and a wetlands preservation project in Des Moines, Iowa. In 2011, Mary Miss established CALL/City as Living Laboratory to make sustainability tangible through the arts.

Creating a New Narrative About Climate Change: 1000 Steps

Artists have an integral, complementary role along with planners, scientists, educators, community stakeholders, and policy makers if we are to address the complex issues we face.

A Call for Collaboration Between Artists and Scientists

The environmental issues facing us as a result of climate change are daunting. Scientists are doing important research to address the complex topics such as water supply, food access, air quality, and temperature rise that accompany global warming.


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