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Nathan Dunne

NATHAN DUNNE is the author of Lichtenstein and the editor of the essay collection Tarkovsky. He has written for The Atlantic, Times Literary Supplement, Aeon and Artforum.

End of Days
Béla Tarr at the EYE Museum in Amsterdam

After the release of The Turin Horse in 2011, a Nietzsche-inspired drama about the end of days, Béla Tarr vowed to make no more films. While the exhibition at Amsterdam’s EYE Museum doesn’t contain a new feature-length work, it does include a new short film.

On John Latham’s Films

The former house and studio of British conceptual artist John Latham is tucked away among a row of sleepy terrace houses on Bellenden Road in South London. Known as Flat Time House, after Latham’s idiosyncratic theory of time, the façade has been replaced with a giant cantilevered book-sculpture called How the Univoice is Still Unheard.


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