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Pamela Ryder

Pamela Ryder is the author of the novels in stories Paradise Field and Correction of a Drift. And the short story collection A Tendency To Be Gone.

From Correction of Drift, a novel in stories

Investigators believe that the kidnappers are professionals interested only in extortion and not in unnecessarily harming the boy.

Interment for Yard & Garden

When a death is expected—as in the case of a family member, such as a parent—perhaps an elderly parent—or even more specifically, in the case of one’s father, for example—decisions must be made as to the means of final disposition of the body.

Two Excerpts from a Novel in Progress

Here we have two excerpts from the novel The Lists of Billy the Kid—exploring two different periods in the life of the outlaw William McCarty Antrim. The first tells of his birth and early childhood in New York City. The second is later in his life, as he approaches the end of it.

Arrow Canyon

Out here where we are, down this end of the county, we don’t have much in the way of attractions. Not any more, anyways. Unless you’d call the Ute jerky stand an attraction.

The Renoir Is Put Straight

L’Auberge. The sign can be seen from the road. The child will remember the vine that winds around the post. She will remember the willow in the yard.


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