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Peter Holslin

PETER HOLSLIN is the music editor of San Diego CityBeat, an alternative newsweekly in San Diego, California. Read more of his writing at

A Happy Marriage: American Jazz Meets Shona Dance Music

In Zimbabwe, where artists and activists say that ordinary aspects of daily life have been eclipsed by divisive politics, Max Wild's collaboration with Sam Mtukudzi may come across as a bold statement.

“I REFUSE TO LOSE!” Comrade Fatso and Chabvondoka's Poetic Revolution

Over thirty years have passed since Dambudzo Marechera wrote The House of Hunger, his landmark 1978 novella about the brutal relationships and decayed ideologies of colonial Rhodesia, the southern African nation now known as Zimbabwe. But hunger remains a common theme in Zimbabwean poetry and music, manifesting itself as both a metaphorical yearning for freedom from corruption and oppression, and as something quite literal: a desperate need for food.


In Zona Centro, the downtown district in Tijuana, a city on the U.S.–Mexico border just south of San Diego, DIY-chic is all the rage.

The Biggest Weapon in Northern Uganda

Lucky Bosmic Otim, a popular musician from northern Uganda, is practically impossible to reach by phone. He has one, but it’s always turned off.

In with the Out Crowd

A jazz musician with a well-honed punk sensibility, Marc Ribot has been a mainstay of New York City’s downtown music scene for more than twenty years.

Hawnay Troof: Toast to Us

If Hawnay Troof was a workout routine and not a hyperactive electronic dance act, Vice Cooler would be its spasmodic Richard Simmons. At the band’s September record release party at the Williamsburg performance space Death By Audio, Cooler set the beats on his Dell laptop to an ear-pummeling volume and gyrated his heart out.


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