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Renee Gladman

Renee Gladman is the author of numerous works of prose and a recent art monograph, Prose Architectures; One Long Black Sentence, a series of drawings indexed by poet Fred Moten, is forthcoming in fall 2018.

Renee Gladman

Territories of the Poem


Crossing into the old city took the better part of the day when you were as hungry as we were, which was not a nutritional hunger but rather something deeply emotional.

Six Enclosures from Ana Patova Crosses a Bridge

forthcoming from Dorothy, a publishing project Oct. 2013 People kept saying other people were fleeing the city and pointed to themselves. We became third persons, but not arrogantly so. I referred to myself as “Ana Patova,” and said, “Ana Patova must have left.” For a moment I thought I would sell my home and wrote in our newspaper, “Ana Patova wishes to sell her home; she is leaving.”


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SEPT 2023

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