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Reverend Billy

Reverend Billy is the leader of the activist performance group The Church of Life After Shopping.

OCCUPY and 350.ORG—You Come Down Here and Embrace!

Occupy’s activist energy is a renewable resource.

The Church of the Divine Heckle

The first debate, Bloomberg and Thompson. We had discussed many scenarios, including hurling a shoe at Bloomberg while he stood at his podium. I was not invited to be part of the debate, but as the Green Party candidate I wanted to be there, if only for a moment.

Apocalypse of the Mountaintops

The wailing of “Naked Grief ” opens up space that is no longer consumerized.

The Revolution of Exalted Embarrassment

And so the Revolution of Exalted Embarrassment begins. The silence of the products, the deep put-on of the products, is no longer the monarch before which we grab and swipe and save and spend. In fact we are belly-laughing profoundly. We are watching the amazed wandering away of our hands.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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