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Risa Shoup

RISA SHOUP is the Associate Director of The Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn, and her passion is to develop unique and accessible cultural spaces from existing building stock. She works to provide artists with the financial and workspace resources they need to create work that the public can experience in non-traditional spaces.

The Ghost in You, She Don’t Fade

If asked, you could probably describe a theater with relative ease. A stage comes quickly to mind; curtains, seats, spot lights, a sprung floor, tickets, a box office, even a concession stand and bathrooms (complete with interminable lines at intermission).

WHAT THE BODY SAYS: An Appreciation of Simon Courchel

To watch Simon Courchel perform is to watch grace embodied. Simon and I worked together as deputy and associate directors respectively at the Invisible Dog from 2011 to early 2013.

Additional Dancers of Note

A note from the Editor: In the same spirit of the Music section’s Undiscovered Lands, we’ve dedicated October to dancers who we believe deserve greater recognition. Spotlighted here are 16 artists who have captivated us with their virtuosity and inventiveness, their vulnerability and grace. By no means an exhaustive list, we’re excited to begin the conversation.


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