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Robert A. Haller

Remembering Omer Kavur

One of Turkey’s most poetic and honored film directors, Omer Kavur, died this past May at the age of 61. For years Kavur had been battling lymph node cancer, but continued to make films through 2003 when his “Karsilasma” (Encounter) was premiered to critical acclaim.

Chris Marker at the Museum of Modern Art

OWLS AT NOON Prelude: The Hollow Men is a work of mourning, a nineteen minute looped meditation on the catastrophe of World War I—with a very few glancing references to World War II.

The Return of Prodigal Son: Jonas Mekas Center for the Visual Arts

Unfortunately, a scheduling conflict prevented me from going to Vilnius on the occasion of the opening reception for The Center for the Visual Arts, which is named after one of our beloved film editors, Jonas Mekas. However, Robert Haller, the Director of Collections and Special Projects at Anthology Film Archives, was there with Jonas, and he was kind enough to left us publish a segment of his diary.


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