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Robert Kushner

In Conversation

ROBERT BERLIND with Robert Kushner

Robert Berlind was a prolific painter, insightful critic, and beloved teacher to generations of students. Late last fall, fellow painter and writer Robert Kushner sat down with Berlind to discuss the long arc of his career, his approach to seeing and painting, his subject matter, and other deeply held interests, such as phenomenology and Kabbalah.


Judith Shea’s new sculptures tread an unexpected and elegant tight rope. Initially we are drawn into their technical skill and physical presence. Then more slowly their inner emotional fire is revealed. The works are defiant yet elegant, fierce yet accepting and calm.

SHIRLEY JAFFE Paintings from the 1970s

There are few artists working today whose work I admire without reservation. Shirley Jaffe is one. Her recent exhibition at Tibor de Nagy Gallery of not so recent work (six major paintings from 1974 – 79) offers a revealing insight into the mental processes of a supremely intelligent artist at a moment of profound transition.

Kathy Erteman

Nowadays there are so many approaches to ceramics: glitzy and brassy; a vast family of figuration—great-grandchildren of Meissen; wabi sabi earthy; watch my bravura technique; and more. But restraint is rarely an admired objective.


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