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Sarah Goffstein

Sarah Goffstein is a contributor to the Brooklyn Rail.

In Conversation

DANNIELLE TEGEDER with Sarah Goffstein

Dannielle Tegeder is a painter whose work extends across media into conceptual artist books, sculpture, installation, animation, and sound. She emerged in 2002 with tightly composed diagrammatic abstract paintings that utilized a hermetic lexicon of iconography to evoke urban systems. Based in New York City, she now travels frequently, which has made geography of central importance.

A Memory Jug For Terry Adkins

Among many other things, Terry Adkins collected memory jugs, traditional funerary objects originating in Southern African American communities. Comprised of small objects aggregated onto the surfaces of vessels with clay or other binding media, they sometimes included favorite belongings of the departed to accompany them into the next life.

FRIEDRICH KUNATH The Temptation to Exist (May Contain Nuts)

hat do rainbow file folders, a scratching post, and German Romantic painting have in common? This sounds like the beginning of a riddle, but these things are part of the rebus that is Friedrich Kunath’s latest exhibition at the Andrea Rosen Gallery.


After spending time in the wilderness, Sherman returns to her Brooklyn studio armed with source material. Referencing multiple digital images, she paints spontaneously, completing most work within the first day.


The dim, dramatic lighting and presentation of morbid subject matter in Berlinde De Bruyckere’s recent exhibition at Hauser & Wirth, No Life Lost, actually transform the space into somewhere between a tomb and immersive theater event.


At Gladstone Gallery the viewer dons 3D glasses and is transported to a strangely suspenseful and quasi-psychedelic experience evoking cataclysm and unease. While the experience of the film is deeply sensual and devoid of people, Gaillard conducts his viewers into a subtle, multivalent conceptual web of ideas that asks them to consider the human history of destruction and social unrest.

GREG SMITH Breakdown Lane

When you first step into Greg Smith’s installation at Susan Inglett Gallery, the artist’s stunning material sensibility overshadows any realization that what you see are actually the reconfigured trappings, ruins, and byproducts of an unusual Rube Goldberg machine.


The work of Richard Jacobs reaches us slowly. For many years, this Yale MFA graduate has painted in the seclusion of his Vermont studio. Although Jacobs’s paintings immediately reference the urgency of AbEx gestures and even Arp’s early chance collages, there is an indirectness in his process that literally requires the paintings to take time to develop, not so unlike an analog photograph.

Greater New York

Bodies and Cities in Greater New York

In MoMA PS1’s Greater New York this year, there is a complex and particularly bodily focus on how issues of socioeconomics, fashion, consumption, gender politics, and gentrification intersect with the city.


Slush splashed under the crowds as the latest winter storm melted around Tatiana Trouvé’s new piece, Desire Lines, during its first days installed on the southeast corner of Central Park.


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