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Serge Quadruppani

Serge Quadruppani is a French translator, novelist, and essayist involved in radical movements. He is co-editor of Défaire la police [Defeat the Police] (Paris: Divergences, 2021). In English he has published The Sudden Disappearance of the Worker Bees (Arcade Publishing). His blog can be found at

India: Demonetization Indian-Style and What It Says About All Our Futures

To get from the Bangalore Airport (Bangalore is the capital of India’s version of Silicon Valley) to the city center, you take a four-lane highway that is lightly traveled and well-maintained. It is flanked by signs as high as four-story buildings, lit up day and night, that proclaim, “Welcome to the Uber side of life.”

Why Are All Cops Bastards?

ACAB is the rallying cry that proclaims, “All cops are bastards.” As a hashtag, it accompanies more than 2.2 million posts on Instagram.

“Non Ti Schiantare”—On the Road to Rome and Fascism

A hundred years after Mussolini’s March on Rome, Italy is once again asserting itself as a laboratory of the Western world, with a party directly descended from historic fascism headed for power. Faced with this situation, a Calabrian writer friend recently invited us to come and learn from his people of Aspromonte. These descendants of shepherds and Greek philosophers of millenia past have an saying redolent of centuries of resistance to colonization in the north of Italy: “non ti schiantare”—“don’t be afraid.”

Anti-Terrorism and the Specter of The Invisible Committee

On November 11, 2008, a small army of heavily armed police in balaclavas moved into the village of Tarnac, on the Millevaches plateau, a rural area known for resistance activity during the Second World War and its tradition of rural communism.


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