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Stephanie Gray

Poet-filmmaker STEPHANIE GRAY is the author of five collections of poetry including Shorthand and Electric Language Stars (Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs, 2015) and A Country Road Going Back in Your Direction (Argos Books, 2015). A current LMCC resident in writing, she had a retrospective of her films at Anthology Film Archives in 2015.


I still remember the day I thought It Was Going to Happen. It was May 15, 1987 and we walked all the way home from high school with Rhonda, me and Paul. Paul said to me, Heeey Maaaatt, I Can’t Believe You Got Rhonda to Walk Home with Uuuus.

from, I thought you said it was sound

Stephanie Gray's Heart Stoner Bingo was published by Straw Gate Books in 2007. Her short films have screened internationally, including at the Ann Arbor, Oberhausen, Viennale, Chicago Underground, and Madcat fests.


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