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Susan Bernofsky

The award-winning translator Susan Bernofsky is completing a biography of Robert Walser.

from MICROSCRIPTS (New Directions)

Just as indisputably as there can be both straightforward and elaborate—in other words sumptuous—prose pieces, it would appear to me that possibilities may exist for there being no dearth of both comely and unattractive individuals, that is to say, women.

The Blind Dates

One of them swept me off my feet and then tormented me with angry outbursts often set off by trifles, like if I changed the setting on my car’s heater while driving him somewhere.

an extract from
Memoirs of a Polar Bear

I hardly had any luggage with me, as it was to be such a short trip. The airplane smelled of melting plastic, and sitting in it didn’t make me feel any calmer, as the seat was built along narrow lines.


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