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Suzaan Boettger

Suzaan Boettger is an art historian and critic in NYC and author of Inside the Spiral, The Passions of Robert Smithson, forthcoming in February.

New York: 1962–1964

A historical exhibition aims to show us past life, but sometimes the retrospective becomes reflective, a two-way mirror seeing through to the present. So it is with New York 1962–1964 at The Jewish Museum, certainly at the moment our fair city’s most enveloping visual and aural museum experience.

Tough Acts, To Follow

When the current Venice Biennale compilation, All the World’s Futures, incited critics’ antipathy as “morality-based,” “provocative but also confining,” and “morose, joyless, and ugly,” I knew I had to see it.

Oil On Paper

Oil is the elixir of the economy and venom to the environment. Beyond its materialization as myriad synthetics from furniture to foodstuffs, this contentious fluid has become the elan vital of development—at once pervasive, productive, and perverse.


The Brooklyn Rail

OCT 2023

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