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tamara suarez porras

tamara suarez porras is an artist, writer, and educator based between Berkeley, CA and Brooklyn, NY.

Odette England: The Outskirts, Exposed, and Punched

Odette England puts photographic peripheries at the center of her work, whether the edges of images or the residual marks left behind by photographic process.

Daria Martin: Tonight the World

Daria Martin’s exhibition at The Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, Tonight the World, presents a journey through the dreams of her maternal grandmother, Susi Stiassni (1923–2005). Stiassni ventured into Jungian psychoanalysis in the 1970s, recounting and transcribing over 40,000 dreams in a daily writing practice. Amounting to over 20,000 pages of writing over the course of 37 years, these “dream diaries” became Martin’s source material for the exhibition.


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SEPT 2023

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