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Impressed by Ad

My first brush with the work of Ad Reinhardt occurred during the mid-1950s. I was working for Knoll Associates (the furniture company) on 57th Street in New York.

Ad Reinhardt in Los Angeles

In a note to Betty Parsons, Reinhardt mused about his upcoming exhibition at Virginia Dwan’s Westwood gallery, his very first solo show in Los Angeles, while highlighting its seemingly apocalyptic timing.

Ecce Pure: Reinhardt and Irwin

One of the first museum exhibitions I ever saw, flush at age 12 with my new found passion for modern art, was Americans 1963 at MoMA.

Ad Reinhardt at Galerie Iris Clert, 1963

At Ad Reinhardt’s prodding, in late 1961 his Parisian dealer Iris Clert offered him a solo show in her gallery, but because of expenses and scheduling it did not become a reality until June 1963.

Range in Paris Galleries: Surrealist to All Black

New York Herald Tribune, Paris, June 19 1963.

Reading Ad Reinhardt

In the last years of his life, Ad Reinhardt ceaselessly repainted the same painting, adopting the same structure and applying shades of the same color on the same surface.

Ad Reinhardt: Painting as Ultimatum

If one wishes to exhibit Ad Reinhardt, there are many obstacles to overcome before one can present the artist adequately. His only sizable exhibition to date in Germany, held in 1972 at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, was a retrospective.

Ad Reinhardt

“Why is there no world history of modern art?” Ad Reinhardt asked in a 1953 talk. He was asking the right question to the right people.

Notes from Abroad: Ad Reinhardt’s World Survey

Ad Reinhardt’s commitment to learning about art, on the most global of scales, was unequivocal

48 Hours in Cambodia

In 1961, Asia House Gallery published Khmer Sculpture, the catalogue for an exhibition of Khmer sculpture from American museum and private collections.

Cycles through the Chinese Lanscape

“Cycles Through The Chinese Landscape” ARTNews, NY Dec. 1954.

Learning about Asian Art from Ad Reinhardt

As an historian of Chinese art, I find it hard to know just how to respond to Ad Reinhardt’s essays on the subject.

Reading Ad Reinhardt in Poland

I came to Ad Reinhardt’s art via his writings, not his paintings. In 2000 I was working as an English teacher at various local language schools in Lublin when I was offered a position at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University.

Reinhardt: On a Personal Note

Fall of 1987—I just moved from Belgrade, former Yugoslavia, to start my graduate program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


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